About Us

Wood Counter Top Guys deals in all the different designs of wood counter tops. We always bring out the best for our customers and we are always looking forward to the satisfaction of all our customers. We do customized wood counter tops also according to the customer preferences and specifications. We have over the years proved to be the best wood counter tops and that’s the reason for the many customers we got. For customization customers can reach Wood Counter Top Guys on 888-261-5859.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best wood counter tops to our clients and also ensure that satisfy the customer needs in wood counter tops and their accessories. We offer the highest quality, value and do professional installation to all our customers. We are committed to the supply of the wood counter tops to different customers no matter their location.for supply and orders reach us on 888-261-5859 and we be pleased to talk to you.

Our Vision

Our vision at Wood Counter Top Guys is to be the best provider of all wood counter top products and also offer the best installation services for the customers. We also envision ourselves being the best providers of all the wood counter tops maintenance services. We plan on starting a factory to manufacture he different wood counter preservatives and also other products that can be used in ensuring that the wood counter tops are being in their best form.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is at Wood Counter Top Guys to achieve a long term relationship with our customers as way to ensure that we have customer loayalty and great referrals. Our strategy to getting a wider market for all the wood counter tops that we have in our stores. With proper customer service we will be sure that our company grows to great levels and is able to get to markets that we have always wanted. Our strategy is also to provide unique and differentiated products that we will always be getting customers due to the great edge and product differentiation.


We at Wood Counter Top Guys always ensure that we are held accountable for all our actions. We always give value for a customer’s money and ensure we provide good as customers want. We always give the right number of counter tops and always hold our employees responsible for wood counter tops lost or spoilt during delivery. We have the best checking and accountability which reduces the chances of disappointing our customers to level zero. Whenever a client has accountability issues they can always contact us on 888-261-5859.

Respect and courtesy

We always ensure that all our customers are treated with the respect they deserve. We have the best customer service section which treats our customers beyond their expectations.

Customer expectations

Our customers always expect quality for all the wood counter tops from Wood Counter Top Guys.we ensure we deal in genuine wood materials which have undergone all the testing and quality controls to ensure our customers never get poor quality.

Customers can always reach us on 888-261-5859 for inquiries and any other information on wood counter tops.

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